15 Things You Never Knew You Could Do With Vodka

In the 21st century, the hot new drink taking nightclubs, parties, and different accursed liquor rich occasions by the storm is the “Vodka Red Bull.” This blend appears to give a jolt of vitality and it’s all the “buzz”. It’s no surprise, this combination is famous for 21+ school children and youthful grown-ups hoping to get tipsy while remaining vital enough to catch an Uber home.

It appears that Red Bull and liquor go together like Bonnie & Clyde. Liquor is generally viewed as a depressant, while Red Bull is a stimulant. This mix averts laziness caused by liquor consumption, and the caffeine in Red Bull helps to avoid the effects of a hangover.

With a specific end goal to get the best taste, you ought to get an amazing Vodka cocktail out of this one. Hell’s Half Acre Vodka is by all accounts the best brand for this mix. The vodka itself utilizes the lightly sweet essence of cassava root, which has been likened to the natural flavors of vanilla & honey. A naturally sweet vodka will add some additional layering to the mix; so make sure you know the kind of vodka experience you want before settling on some artificial marshmallow or strawberry flavor.

On top of Red Bull and Vodka, you can enhance your drink with some lighter fixings, for example, cranberry squeeze or lime juice to reinforce the flavor that originates from the Red Bull. Tequila can be utilized in the mix as well, alongside Rum or Gin, which is generally included in popular bar drinks like the Green Lantern and Blue Bull.

On the off chance that you don’t care for Red Bull and Vodka, you should give these blends a try:

Southern Bull – – Red Bull with Southern Comfort

Kissable – – Red Bull with Grape Pucker

Malibu – – Red Bull with Malibu Rum and Pineapple Juice

These “Bullish” drinks are absolutely delicious and will give you the previously mentioned vitality and “buzz” combo that makes for a night to remember.

Other Things You Never Knew You Could Do With Vodka…

There is a horde of ways you can savor vodka; martinis, with tonic, with red bull, jello shots, or as a slushy. Be that as it may, there an equal number of approaches to utilizing vodka in your daily life.

The following are only a couple of the more phenomenal uses for vodka:

1) Freshen your garments – Looking for an approach to resuscitate your most loved shirt without washing it? Give it a brisk spritz from a splash bottle loaded up with vodka. The vodka murders annoying or perturbing smells without leaving a fragrance. Try to complete a spot check before dousing the garment to make sure the color isn’t affected.

2) Brighten your skinUse vodka instead of your more costly facial toners. Vodka will expel abundance oil from the skin and fix pores. Wet a cotton ball with vodka and wipe on clean skin to toner and freshen it.

3) Lighten your hair – Adding a fix of vodka to a container of cleanser (12-16oz) will help expel item development from your hair and scalp influencing your hair to become lighter and look shinier.

4) Sweeten your feet – If your feet are dry and itchy, give yourself a vodka pedicure (or wash your feet with vodka). The vodka slaughters the microscopic organisms that reason foot scent so spritz a little in your shoes to keep them noticing new and perfect also. Spot test first to make sure you aren’t allergic.

5) Rid yourself of a mouth sore – Use a cotton swab doused with vodka to dry out the mouth blister and help keep it free of contamination. Only a touch will do you.

6) Relieve aches and painsAlleviate muscle throbbing & soreness by putting 3 ounces dried lavender and 1.5 cups of vodka in a 16-ounce glass jar. Place a lid on the jar, and let it sit out for 2-3 weeks in a dimly lit area. Strain the mixture through an espresso channel or cheesecloth after it’s sat out for 2-3 weeks. Then rub the mixture across sore or throbbing muscles with a few cotton balls.

7) Alleviate a fever. Once again, we’re not doctors. This is not mdeical advice. You should definitely see a doctor if you have, or even suspect, that a fever is on it’s way. However, vodka can be utilized to help calm an active fever. Alcohol also supresses your immune system so tread lightly with this one.

To relieve the uncomfortable warmth from a fever, dampen a lightweight piece of fabric with chilled vodka and wipe it on your forehead, chest, and back.

*Remember a fever could be a symptom of a more genuine condition and you should look for therapeutic or medicinal treatments for a fever on the off chance that you have an illness that requires medical attention.

8) Soothe a sore throat – Once again, this is not medical advice. If you have a sore throat, gargle with 1 tablespoon of vodka in some warm water and the torment of that sore throat may mystically vanish.

9) Take the nibble out of a toothache – Swish vodka around the hurting tooth. The gums will absorb the liquor into the bloodstream which will numb the agony.

10) Vanquish upchuck stains – Ironically vodka is magnificent for expelling upchuck stains from various materials including floor covering. To expel a stain, smear the affected area with vodka and clean.

11) Eliminate buildup – Mold is appalling and humiliating and can likewise represent a hazard to your wellbeing. In the event that mold has assumed control over many aspects of your life, battle back by showering the intruder with vodka. For 5-10 minutes scour the region with a delicate toothbrush (for tile, caulking or other hard surfaces) or wipe with a clean delicate material (for textures). Make sure to spot test for colorfastness when utilizing on textures.

12) Make your glasses shimmer – Water spots on your fixtures can be unattractive, irritating, and relatively difficult to expel yet with a delicate fabric hosed with vodka and some elbow oil you can oust those spots for the last time.

13) Keep flowers alive longer – Adding 3-4 drops of vodka and 1 teaspoon sugar to the water in the vase will help keep your blossoms looking crisp for longer. Change the water, vodka, and sugar every day for the best outcomes.

15) Being bothered by bugs at a cookout? – Vodka makes an incredible bug repellent. When you’re all over the place where bugs may be an aggravation spritz a little vodka on the bugs or yourself. Avoid driving right after using this remedy!