Best Diet Drinks This Holiday Season

Treading carefully along the straight and narrow of what to eat/drink isn’t easy. Avoiding the sweets and fatty, high carb alternatives is usually an uphill battle this time of year.

Not to mention there are a ton of holiday parties and social gatherings where it would be quite awkward to stand on the sidelines. As your friends and colleagues partake in the festivities, you’re bound to have a drink or two.

This usually ends in shame & regret, and a New Years diet resolution. However, you don’t have to forgo a single party or night out with friends this holiday season. This list of vodka cocktails we’ve put together will offer low calorie, gluten-free, organic, health-conscious alternatives that will still get you tipsy. If you desire to keep the extra pounds off this holiday season, there are a few vodka recipes suitable for just about any diet. Here are 5 recipes that are good for the body, and great for the palette!

1) The Seabreeze

If vodka-cranberry is your cup of tea, or should I say “cup” of vodka, then you’ll love this lower-calorie option, the Seabreeze. It maintains the vodka base but replaces the sugary and calorie rich cranberry juice that dominates the original drink. Substituting cranberry juice with grapefruit juice will make this beverage much healthier, as the juice makes up the majority of this recipe. The cranberry flavor isn’t eliminated entirely but lessened here. As cranberry juice provides a healthy dose of vitamin C at 23mg per cup, you’ll only need to use 1.5 ounces of cranberry juice and 4.5 ounces of grapefruit juice.

2) The Pomegranate Martini

The pomegranate martini is a true diet cocktail with its calorie content of ranking among the lowest in alcoholic drinks available at most bars. For those looking to avoid weight gain, it’s arguably the best beverage on the menu. If you are familiar with the Cosmopolitan, then you should feel right at home with this vodka martini. The drink is a nice blend of subtle yet enthralling ingredients in the former, namely vodka, orange liqueur, lemon, and pomegranate juice.

3) The Bloody Mary

The Bloody Mary is an excellent combo featured in most lists of first-rate vodka cocktails. Meeting several criteria, from cold weather selections to diet accompaniments, this drink is great in general.

To ensure a low-carb finish, steer clear of the sugar in the standard version recipes. Instead just stick to the essential and savory flavors.

Normally, you’d use between 3 and 6 ounces of tomato juice to achieve that trademark crimson shade, however, just go with the minimum quantity required to cut down on carbs. This will still give the rich taste of the Bloody Mary that we know and love, without the overkill. Other ingredients you’ll also need to include are vodka, celery salt, and lemon. Adorn this drink with various low-carb toppings like olives, and lean meat cuts.

4) The Blueberry Mojito

This enchanting mojito looks amazing and tastes even better. The best part is that it won’t derail your dietary progress. You can drink as many as your stomach can handle, and have no qualms about it. The primary ingredient here is the low calorie, yet delicious, blueberry juice. The layered taste stems from a mix of white rum, vodka, and sparkling water, spruced up by a handful of mint leaves.

5) The Apple Champagne Martini

The sour apple martini has been revamped with a low-carb twist that makes it better in many ways. A combination of champagne, zero calorie sweetener (in place of the sugar), cinnamon whiskey, and apple vodka make up the essential ingredients you’ll need to make this drink.

That rounds off our list of the best cocktails for dieters this holiday season. 

The key to dieting is moderation, not restriction.

Most dieters that lose weight end up gaining it all back because they eventually begin eating the same things they ate before dieting.

Failed new years resolutions and a disappointing beach body, can result in a lifetime of feeling bad about your body. To avoid this spiral, just make sure you don’t overeat around the holidays. Feel free to attend holiday festivities without worrying about what you can’t drink.

Instead, order one of the drinks mentioned above, and go on your merry way.

PS – You can garnish any of these drinks with apple slices for a hint of natural sweetness.